Pinky Tripathi

Banaras Hindu University India

Dr Tripathi did a comparative histological, histochemical (protein & carbohydrate) work and Scanning electron microscopy as well as Fluorescence microscopy on six fish species during her Ph.D under supervision of Prof A. K. Mittal. In the epithelia of lips and associated structures, the mucogenic epithelia equipped with different type of glycoproteins (GPs), unculi in keratinized epithelia equipped with proteins, is to accumulate information on the submicroscopic components of the filamentous network and the thickened cell envelope and molecular structure of these components as well as the expression patterns of cytokeratins in the lip epidermis. She did biochemical as well as biophysical characterization of a serine protease for folding unfolding studies using different spectroscopic techniques such as absorption spectrophotometer, circular dichroism and fluorescence spectroscopy during her Research Associate-ship with Prof. M. V. Jagannadham. High-resolution structures, determine by x-ray crystallography, of proteins involved in biological processes provide insight into their function. These structures provide a basis for the design of future experiments to probe more deeply the precise molecular mechanisms that underlie biological activity. In addition to providing fundamental insight into function and mechanism, structures of proteins involved in disease and other pathophysiological states can serve as targets for structure-based drug design. At present working on leishmaniasis as UGC-Post Doctoral Fellow with Prof. Shyam Sundar.

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