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Dr. Z. Morvaj, holds PhD in electrical engineering, and has more than 20 years of teaching experience at universities in Croatia, UK and Thailand. During early nineties he worked for an UK energy and environmental consultancy firm, managing the projects for international development banks and aid organizations, policy development and capacity building projects to governments and performance improvement consultancy projects for industry. He moved to Thailand to manage local office just before the economic crises in South East Asia in 1997. He developed, designed, and managed implementation of a number of energy and environmental management projects for large industrial international companies from Japan, USA, UK and Thailand, which often transcended into a cost management projects because the theme-of-day at that time was cost cutting. Besides, he has practical experience in supporting local green development, related change management, training needs assessment, and setting up adequate institutional and financial support. He is an author of a number of professional papers, handbook and manuals, and author of a book on the energy and environmental subjects published by renowned international publishers and translated into Chines. Recently he developed and managed a large national multimillion dollar energy efficiency project in Croatia. Currently he manages energy and green development projects throughout South-east Europe and Central Asia for major international development organizations.

Zoran Morvaj

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Energy efficiency is finally a common sense term. Nowadays almost everyone knows that using energy more efficiently saves money, reduces the emissions of greenhouse gasses and lowers dependence on imported fossil fuels. We are living in a fossil age at the peak of its strength. Competition for securing resources for fuelling economic development is increasing, price of fuels will increase while availability of would gradually decline. Small nations will be first to suffer if caught unprepared in the midst of the struggle for resources among the large players. Here it is where energy efficiency has a potential to lead toward the natural next step - transition away from imported fossil fuels! Someone said that the only thing more harmful then fossil fuel is fossilized thinking. It is our sincere hope that some of chapters in this book will influence you to take a fresh look at the transition to low carbon economy and the role that energy efficiency can play in that process.

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