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There has been a steady increase in anthropogenic pressure over the past few years due to rapid industrialization, urbanization and population growth, causing frequent environmental hazards. Threats of global environmental change, such as climate change and sea level rise, will exacerbate such problems. Therefore, appropriate policies and measures are needed for management to address both local and global trends. The book 'Environmental Management' provides a comprehensive and authoritative account of sustainable environmental management of diverse ecotypes, from tropical to temperate. A variety of regional environmental issues with the respective remedial measures has been precisely illustrated. The book provides an excellent text which offers a versatile and in-depth account of management of wide perspectives, e.g. waste management, lake, coastal and water management, high mountain ecosystem as well as viticulture management. We hope that this publication will be a reference document to serve the needs of researchers of various disciplines, policy makers, planners and administrators as well as stakeholders to formulate strategies for sustainable management of emerging environmental issues.

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