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Victor Barsan is a senior researcher at the Department of Theoretical Physics of the Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering in Magurele-Bucharest. His main scientific activity is oriented to several domains of the solid state theory, like Tomonaga-Luttinger models, low dimensional systems or structural phase transitions, and mathematical physics.

Victor Barsan

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Among the branches of classical physics, electromagnetism is the domain which experiences the most spectacular development, both in its fundamental and practical aspects. The quantum corrections which generate non-linear terms of the standard Maxwell equations, their specific form in curved spaces, whose predictions can be confronted with the cosmic polarization rotation, or the topological model of electromagnetism, constructed with electromagnetic knots, are significant examples of recent theoretical developments. The similarities of the Sturm-Liouville problems in electromagnetism and quantum mechanics make possible deep analogies between the wave propagation in waveguides, ballistic electron movement in mesoscopic conductors and light propagation on optical fibers, facilitating a better understanding of these topics and fostering the transfer of techniques and results from one domain to another. Industrial applications, like magnetic refrigeration at room temperature or use of metamaterials for antenna couplers and covers, are of utmost practical interest. So, this book offers an interesting and useful reading for a broad category of specialists.

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