Saad Bashir

International Islamic University Pakistan

Prof. Dr. Bashir received his PhD in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering, University of Bradford, West Yorkshire, in 1980/84. His research interests include antennas and radio wave propagation, optical communication systems, microwave and satellite systems, EM theory, and EM scattering computation methods; there is a significant amount of original publications in these fields. An InTech book, Electromagnetic Radiation, edited by Prof. Bashir was first published in June 2012 (p. cm. ISBN 978-953-51-0639-5).

Saad Bashir

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This book endeavors to give the reader a strong base in the advanced theory of electromagnetic waves and its applications, while keeping pace with research in various other disciplines that apply electrostatics/electrodynamics theory. The treatment is highly mathematical, which tends to obscure the principles involved.

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