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Indian Institute of Technology Delhi India

Professor Mukesh Khare is the Fellow of Institution of Engineers India and Fellow of Wessex Institute of Great Britain. He is a Chartered Engineer and was born in Varanasi, India. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in Faculty of Engineering from Newcastle University, UK and has managed a range of environmental projects throughout his professional career. With a specialization in air quality modelling, Prof. Khare’s experience has covered research and development studies, teaching, consulting, modelling, editorial activities. In addition, Prof. Khare has authored more than 150 research publications primarily for peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings. He has two sons and lives and work in Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India.

Mukesh Khare

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Air pollution has always been a trans-boundary environmental problem and a matter of global concern for past many years. High concentrations of air pollutants due to numerous anthropogenic activities influence the air quality. There are many books on this subject, but the one in front of you will probably help in filling the gaps existing in the area of air quality monitoring, modelling, exposure, health and control, and can be of great help to graduate students professionals and researchers. The book is divided in two volumes dealing with various monitoring techniques of air pollutants, their predictions and control. It also contains case studies describing the exposure and health implications of air pollutants on living biota in different countries across the globe.

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