World Sustainable Energy Conference 2012-Geneva

22 December 2011

IntechOpen has done it again. In order to promote one of the most dynamic research areas, raise awareness on current global issues, meet renowned representatives of the most authoritative world organisations in the field, IntechOpen has become an official participant, exhibitor and contributor to the World Sustainable Energy Conference to be held in Geneva, January 10-12.

Other participants include the likes of UNESCO, WHO (World Health Organisation), WTO (World Trade Oganisation), Greenpeace, Greencross, ISEO (International Sustainable Energy Organisation) just to name a few, all gathered in one place to set a sustainable energy agenda that might just change all of our lives. How?

Sustainable energy provides energy to meet the needs of the present without endangering the provision of energy sources for future generations. All renewable energy sources are valid assets to provide sustainable energy and include:

  • Hydroelectricity
  • Solar Energy
  • Wind Energy
  • Wave Power
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Bio Energy
  • Tidal Power

Among other, sustainable energy solutions and their implementation tools by energy type, quantity, annual investment and cost from now until 2050 and beyond will be thoroughly discussed at the conference, proving also the positive impact of such energies on economies, the environment and overall the health of us all. All issues discussed, conclusions and recommendations for governments and active parties engaged in subjects related to sustainable energy will be forwarded as input to the next Rio + 20 Summit (United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development) to be held on June 20-22, 2012, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

IntechOpen has been raising environmental care awareness through its publications many times and by having been invited to this year's Geneva conference the stakes are about to be raised not only for IntechOpen as a publisher that pushes towards a greener earth by promoting authors passionately engaging in environmental issues, but to our global audience of researchers, scientists and lay readers too heavily interested in being on top of the latest news and developments regarding this specific field of study and its implications for all stakeholders: each earth's inhabitant included.

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