We Are Changing With You

24 April 2018

We just shared the following news with our fellow scientists:

As Open Access movement grows and changes, so do we. We started with the „by the scientists, for the scientists“ concept and we always listen to you – as individual scholars and the academic community as a whole.

So, we dove into the core of what you need as a scholar and also what best represents our beliefs, and made a strategic change in IntechOpen's technology and our brand - including a new website with additional technical features, a new logo and a new book design to better present your discovery.

We embrace the elephant as our new logo because elephants never forget what they learn and carry the collective memory to the next generation.  If you look carefully, you might notice that this is a particularly well-read elephant. 

The technical improvements of the website include:

  • new subject tree to serve your requests with more precise searching
  • three-times faster downloads than from other platforms
  • advanced UX design focused on improving research findings and overall usability
  • responsive design functioning on all screens to help you find research at the moment your „bulb turns on“

We invite you to explore our new pages and let us know how we can serve your needs better. We recognize there is likely to be technical issues as we go trough the transition, and we ask your involvement – let us know if you see anything we need to adapt, add or change.

If you are interested in republishing news or speaking with us, please contact our Marketing Department at marketingteam@intechopen.com