Peter Suber On The Next Ten Years Of Open Access: Education Is The Top Priority

February 29, 2012

In an interview following the 10th anniversary of BOAI, Peter Suber emphasized the importance of educating the stakeholders in the open access world.

The Budapest Open Access Initiative, the declaration which came to define open access today, celebrated its 10th anniversary on Valentine's day, and Suber, probably the biggest authority in the matter, was interviewed by Alma Swan on that occasion.

Director of the Harvard Open Access Project summarized the developments of the past ten years as making progress "in all the open access fronts". Today we have "more open access journals, more open access policies, a better understanding by open access stakeholders".

However, there is still a long way to go. When asked which is the most significant strategy for the next ten years, Suber chose educating the stakeholders about the issues. "If we succeed at that that, the others take care of themselves. We will have more policies, a more effective implementation of those policies, better spread of best practices, fewer misunderstandings. All of things we need to do can be taken care of if more people have a good understanding of open access."

Peter Suber from Leslie Chan on Vimeo.