New Publishing Format Launched - More Options for our Authors

May 15, 2017

Traditionally, scholarly publishing consisted of two main publication outputs - the journal article and the scholarly monograph. Journal articles and monographs differ not only in terms of manuscript length and research type, but over time, monographs became the preferred format for publishing research in Social Sciences and Humanities, while journal articles remained STM focused.

Seeing a need to develop a product that differs from the traditional methods described above, in 2005 IntechOpen launched the first ever Open Access Edited Volume, known now as the IntechOpen book. These books are IntechOpen initiated projects that enable researchers from all over the world to share their latest research in the form of book chapters - a different option for researchers to publish their scientific findings. 

Now, 3,000 Open Access books later, we would like to introduce a new publishing format to our authors - IntechOpen Compacts

Compacts are a publishing format for researchers across all disciplines who have research results ready to be published but that do not necessarily fit into the above mentioned publication types. IntechOpen Compacts bridge the gap between book chapters and monographs and are the preferred Open Access publishing format for mid-length manuscripts (50-130 pages) with peer reviewed and CC BY NC 4.0 licensed content. 

In our mission to support researchers make an impact within the scientific community by providing free access to their published work, it is our belief that any sound research with scientifically proven results deserves to be introduced to the public. By launching this new format, our authors will not be limited in the publication and resulting dissemination of their research due to its length.