InTech Compliant with FP7 post-grant OA Pilot Criteria

March 14, 2016


The European Commission has officially confirmed InTech's compliance with FP7 post-grant Open Access pilot criteria for funding.

Launching a pilot to support Open Access publishing, the European Commission has designated a staggering 4 million Euros in support of OA publications rising from FP7 projects, enabling researchers to request reimbursement for up to three publications per project.

Do the standards established by the European Commission correlate with InTech's publishing standards? The verdict: yes.

Since InTech's publications are already in compliance with the European Commission's standards and requirements, our authors are afforded an unprecedented opportunity of having up to two years post the completion of their research to apply for reimbursement of APC's associated with the publication of articles, book chapters, conference proceedings or monographs.


Highlighting a preliminary overview of InTech's publications supported by: the European Commission, the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, the Australian Research Council, NHMRC and the Wellcome Trust

As a pioneer in Open Access book publishing and holder of the largest collection of Open Access books, InTech aims to strengthen and further develop contributions to the global scientific dialogue by providing unrestricted access to scientific research, to not only researchers, but industry professionals and any individuals interested in scientific findings. To that end, InTech also ensures that all publication metadata is gathered and aggregated by OpenAIRE, the cornerstone of the European Commission's Open Access infrastructure.

We encourage authors to check the eligibility of their project and learn more about eligibility guidelines here.