How we shared Open Access worldwide: watch the video

21 November 2011

IntechOpen has jumped onboard this year's international Open Access Week caravan by organising SHOW (Share OpenAccess Worldwide), in order to promote Open Access within the local community and beyond. SHOW resulted in a 2-day event, first of its kind, at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University Campus of Rijeka, Croatia, taking place on October 26-27, 2011. What went on? Better read through as the SHOW team is cooking up more surprises to come.  

SHOW, organised by two IntechOpen's employees, Community manager Katarina Lovrečić and PR Ana Nodilo, was conceived and aimed to inform, educate, share the knowledge on Open Access among a specific target audience, students, thus the event took place in the most prominent university campus in the city.

Round tables, debates, international webcasts, film projections, art contests, lectures, audio and video performances on highly engaging subjects such as copyright, intellectual property, Open Access, free and share culture were introduced to all the students attending. With all the footage taken at the event a documentary is about to live online. Until then, take a sneak peak preview on what went on in Rijeka by watching the trailer for the documentary just released by IntechOpen's creative laboratory of Open Access.

Show (Share OpenAccess Worldwide) trailer

Share Open Access Worldwide.

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