Book Presentation at the National Congress of Psychology (CNEIP)

06 May 2016

IntechOpen authors Dr. Blandina Bernal Morales and Dr. Juan Francisco Rodriguez Landa present A Fresh Look at Anxiety Disorders at this year’s National Congress of Psychology (CNEIP) which took place in Xalapa, Mexico at the Universidad Veracruzana.

The conference provides an opportunity for students, professionals and researchers of psychology to come together and share their knowledge and insights.  It also aims to promote collaboration and exchange between researchers from different cities, with different research specializations, working on a variety of projects. Dr. Bernal Morales and Dr. Rodriguez Landa provided conference attendees with an overview of the book which provides a comprehensive look at the clinical management of anxiety disorders, focusing on specific clinical issues such as PTSD and psychosomatics, in addition to discussing their chapter which reviews approaches in the study of anxiety and depression in adolescents related to academic performance.Dr. Bernal Morales told IntechOpen that, “The book presentation was successful! We think, as coauthors, that it was a great chance to present this book about anxiety. Many students of Psychology and other disciplines from everywhere in México attended the congress. We decided at the end of the presentation to raffle the two books you sent and two students won them. It was the first time we presented the book and we spent a wonderful 30 minutes doing so. Thank you for your support!”

Congratulations to Dr. Bernal Morales and Dr. Rodriguez Landa on a successful presentation.  To learn more about how IntechOpen can help promote your publication contact us at