Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology

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1. Heart Rate Variability: An Index of the Brain-Heart Interaction

By Ingrid Tonhajzerova, Igor Ondrejka, Zuzana Turianikova, Kamil Javorka, Andrea Calkovska and Michal Javorka

Part of book: Tachycardia

2. Ryanodine Receptor Channelopathies: The New Kid in the Arrhythmia Neighborhood

By María Fernández-Velasco, Ana María Gómez, Jean-Pierre Benitah and Patricia Neco

Part of book: Tachycardia

3. Principles of External Defibrillators

By Hugo Delgado, Jorge Toquero, Cristina Mitroi, Victor Castro and Ignacio Fernández Lozano

Part of book: Cardiac Defibrillation


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1. Atrial Flutter — Diagnosis, Management and Treatment

By Shameer Ahmed, Andrew Claughton and Paul A. Gould

Part of book: Abnormal Heart Rhythms

2. Drug Abuse-Induced Cardiac Arrhythmias: Mechanisms and Management

By Sana Ouali, Omar Guermazi, Fatma Guermazi, Manel Ben Halima, Selim Boudiche, Nadim Khedher, Fathia Meghaieth, Abdeljalil Farhati, Noureddine Larbi and Mohamed Sami Mourali

Part of book: Cardiac Arrhythmias

3. Atrial Flutter: Diagnosis and Management strategies

By Hamid Reza Bonakdar

Part of book: Cardiac Arrhythmias

4. Gene Polymorphisms Associated with Atrial Fibrillation

By Nevra Alkanli, Arzu Ay and Suleyman Serdar Alkanli

Part of book: Cardiac Arrhythmias

5. Idiopathic Ventricular Arrhythmias

By Takumi Yamada

Part of book: Cardiac Arrhythmias

6. Metabolic Modulators to Treat Cardiac Arrhythmias Induced by Ischemia and Reperfusion

By Moslem Najafi and Tahereh Eteraf-Oskouei

Part of book: Tachycardia

7. Brugada Type 1 Pattern and Risk Stratification for Sudden Death: Does the Key Hide in the ECG Analysis?

By Antoine Deliniere, Francis Bessiere, Adrien Moreau, Alexandre Janin, Gilles Millat and Philippe Chevalier

Part of book: Cardiac Arrhythmias

8. A Review on Amiodarone as an Antiarrhythmic Drug

By Fereshteh Mehraein

Part of book: Abnormal Heart Rhythms

9. Histopathological Change Following Cox-Maze IV Procedure for Atrial Fibrillation

By Takashi Murashita

Part of book: Cardiac Arrhythmias

10. Surgical Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation

By Claudia M. Loardi, Marco Zanobini and Francesco Alamanni

Part of book: Cardiac Arrhythmias