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1. Introductory Chapter: Lepidoptera

By Farzana Khan Perveen and Anzela Khan

Part of book: Lepidoptera

2. Mitochondrial Genomes of Lepidopteran Insects Considered Crop Pests

By Viviana Ramírez-Ríos, Javier Correa Alvarez and Diego Villanueva- Mejia

Part of book: Lepidoptera

3. Lepidoptera Collection Curation and Data Management

By Jurate De Prins

Part of book: Lepidoptera

4. Managing a Transboundary Pest: The Fall Armyworm on Maize in Africa

By Michael Hilary Otim, Komi Kouma Mokpokpo Fiaboe, Juliet Akello, Barnabas Mudde, Allan Tekkara Obonyom, Anani Yaovi Bruce, Winnifred Aool Opio, Peter Chinwada, Girma Hailu and Pamela Paparu

Part of book: Moths and Caterpillars

5. Taxocenotic and Biocenotic Study of Lepidoptera (Rhopalocera) in Rucamanque: A Forest Remnant in the Central Valley of the Araucanía Region, Chile

By Hernán Navarrete Parra and Ramón Rebolledo Ranz

Part of book: Lepidoptera

6. Molecular Phylogeny and Taxonomy of Lepidoptera with Special Reference to Influence of Wolbachia Infection in the Genus Polytremis

By Weibin Jiang

Part of book: Lepidoptera

7. Contact-Mediated Eyespot Color-Pattern Changes in the Peacock Pansy Butterfly: Contributions of Mechanical Force and Extracellular Matrix to Morphogenic Signal Propagation

By Joji M. Otaki

Part of book: Lepidoptera

8. RNAi-Mediated Control of Lepidopteran Pests of Important Crop Plants

By Shipra Saxena, Sneha Yogindran, Manmohan Arya, Yogita Sharma and Chandra Pal Singh

Part of book: Moths and Caterpillars

9. Role of Pheromone Application Technology for the Management of Codling Moth in High Altitude and Cold Arid Region of Ladakh

By Barkat Hussain, Faizaan Ahmad, Ejaz Ahmad, Wasim Yousuf and Mohd Mehdi

Part of book: Moths and Caterpillars

10. Bioactive Secondary Metabolites of Wild Antheraea mylitta Silkworm Cocoons

By Sayed Iqbal Ahamad, Kari Neetha and Shyam Kumar Vootla

Part of book: Moths and Caterpillars