Ivan Holoubek

RECETOX, Masaryk University Brno / CzechGlobe, Academy of Science CR

Professor of Environmnetal Chemistry, RECETOX, Faculty of Science, Masaryk University, Brno, CR X/2016 – until now - Head of Department of Atmospheric Matter Fluxes and Long-range Transport, Global Change Research Institute, Academy of Science Czech Republic, Brno, CR Educational topics: Environmental Chemistry, Ecotoxicology, Chemical Ecotoxicology, Risk Analysis, Monitoring Systems, Environmental Impact Assessment Research activities: The fate of persistent organic pollutants in the environment, environmental impact assessment, risk analysis - ecological risk assessment, environmental technologies, remediation Areas of expertise: Environmental chemistry, chemical ecotoxicology, human and ecological risk assessment and analyses, environmental monitoring and assessment, environmental impact assessment, emission, releases and contaminated sites inventories, environmental technologies, BAT/BEP development and application, remediation – all with the special focus on persistent toxic substances; national implementation plans for the Stockholm Convention development and evaluation, development and application the Stockholm Convention on POPs and Minamata Convention tools (BAT/BEP guidelines, Toolkits on UPOPs and Hg, POPs and Hg monitoring, emission, releases and contaminated sites inventories).