Patricia Risso

National University of Rosario Argentina

“Physicochemical and Antioxidant Properties of Bovine Caseinate Hydrolysates Obtained through Microbial Protease Treatment” Hidalgo, M.E.; Daroit, D.J.; Corrêa, A.P.F.; Pieniz, S.; Brandelli, A.; Risso, P.H. International Journal of Dairy Technology (ISSN: 1364-727X), on-line first, 2011. Antioxidant, antihypertensive and antimicrobial properties of ovine milk caseinate hydrolyzed with a microbial protease” Corrêa, Ana Paula; Daroit, Daniel; Coelho, Julise; Meira, Stela; Lopes, Fernanda; Segalin, Jeferson; Risso, Patricia; Brandelli, Adriano Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 91 (12), 2247–2254, 2011. Effect of calcium on ovine caseinate functional properties” Cássia R. Nespolo, Anselmo D. Reggiardo, Manuel A. Mancilla Canales, Jorge R. Wagner, Estela M. Alvarez, Adriano Brandelli, Patricia H. Risso Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data 55, 4624-4631, 2010. Colloidal stability of bovine calcium caseinate suspensions. Effect of protein concentration and presence of sucrose and lactose” Manuel Mancilla Canales, María Eugenia Hidalgo, Patricia Risso, Estela Alvarez Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data 55, 2550-2557, 2010. A study on bovine kappa-casein aggregation after the enzymatic action of chymosin”. María Eugenia Hidalgo, Miryam S. Pires, Patricia H. Risso Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 76, (2), 556-563, 2010.

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