Abdullah Adil Ansari

Kebbi State University of Science and TechnologyNigeria

Prof. Abdullah Adil Ansari completed his undergraduate studies at the New College (Madras University) in 1993 and received his M.Sc. Life Sciences Education from Regional College of Education (Utkal University). Finally he obtained his Ph.D. degree in Life Science-Zoology from Madras University (India). He is serving as Professor (Biology) at University of Guyana. He also served as HOD Biology from 2012 for period of one year and subsequently took over as Dean, Faculty of Natural Sciences (2013-15). Since 1998 his research has focused on several issues including vermitechnology, soil biology and ecology, land reclamation, organic farming, organic solid waste management, earthworm taxonomy, soil microbiology and environmental pollution. He teaches several courses in Biology at the University and is responsible for supervision of research at undergraduate, post graduate and Ph.D. levels. He has 41 publications in reputable journals, two book chapters and a book.

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