Nasser Kashou

Wright State University

Dr. Nasser Kashou has a unique background in interdisciplinary human brain education and research which allows him to bring a fresh dimension and a much-needed paradigm shift to the study of brain health coupled with the capability of providing leadership. Professor Kashou has provided strategic planning and leadership across multiple institutions by establishing and leading several research groups, centers and labs. Dr. Kashou has mentored, supervised and led hundreds throughout his career. His career has included basic, clinical & translational research, vision science, image processing, neuroimaging, neuroengineering, computation, medical imaging and medical devices. Professor Kashou highly encourages being a jack of all trades. Dr. Kashou’s education and skills are cross discipline (engineering, medicine, social sciences); in the biomedical realm this spans physics, math, hardware, software, anatomy, physiological and clinical aspects of research and development. He has more than twenty years of experience in the field(s) of medical imaging, analysis, processing, algorithms and computation. Dr. Kashou has also spent more than seventeen years in both pediatric and adult clinical brain imaging. As an academic, Professor Kashou has developed and taught several courses: Biomedical Computation (MATLAB), Medical Imaging (PET, SPECT, CT, US, MRI), Processing of Medical Images, and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Medicine. In these courses he emphasized the clinical imaging end goal as he taught computer software, physics, engineering, and physiology. During this time, he focused on developing a research program and implementing an academic vision. This included establishing and directing two brain research labs, revitalizing, and sustaining an otherwise nonexistent graduate (MS & PhD) medical imaging program. More about Dr. Kashou’s career can be found at

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