Pépin Nkeng-Efouet-Alango

Universite De DschangCameroon

Member, American Chemical Society (A.C.S.) Founder and General Manager-of the African Phytomedecine Center of Dschang, an Institute of THE ALANGO FOUNDATION The Center includes the following structures:  A Clinic of African Medicine, applying Traditional therapies and Scientific knowledge on Medicinal plants from Cameroon,  A biomedical laboratory,  A unit of drugs formulation in capsules and sachets of powders of medicinal plants from Cameroon,  A research laboratory in organic chemistry of natural products With the expertise of African Phytomedecine, Center the ALANGO FOUNDATION contributes to the development of African traditional medicine and to the training of the researchers (Doctorate/Ph.D, D.E.A, Maitrise) in the following research fields:  Organic Chemistry of Natural Products, and related fields: Phytochemistry and biological activity studies of extracts, fractions and molecules from Cameroonian Medicinal plants.

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