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Dr Idzikowski's formal interest in sleep began in Edinburgh where he earned his PhD working with Emeritus Professor Ian Oswald, the UK's founding father of sleep research. He was Hon Treasurer of the British Sleep Society when it was first set up and subsequently became the founding Chairman of the Royal Society of Medicine Forum on sleep and its disorders and guided its transition to become the Sleep Medicine Section. He has held many honorary appointments, both health authority (Oxford) and University (e.g Queen's University of Belfast, Visiting Professor, Surrey University) and has also contributed to various sleep-related charitable organizations (e.g. Finland's Unettomat) as well as published numerous papers and books on sleep, including "Learn to sleep well" (Duncan Baird, 2000) and "Sleep” (HarperCollins, 2007). Currently he is the Director of Edinburgh Sleep Centre, a Consultant Psychologist at the London Sleep Centre and the Director of Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service in Belfast.

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For progress to be maintained in a clinical field like sleep medicine, unimpeded, unrestricted access to data and the advances in clinical practice should be available. The reason why this book is exciting is that it breaks down the barriers to dissemination of information, providing scientists, physicians, researchers and interested individuals with a valuable insight into the latest diverse developments within the study of sleep disorders. This book is a collection of chapters, which can be viewed as independent units dealing with different aspects and issues connected to sleep disorders, having in common that they reflect leading edge ideas, reflections and observations. The authors take into account the medical and social aspects of sleep-related disorders, concentrating on different focus groups, from adults to pregnant women, adolescents, children and professional workers.

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