Giri Kattel

I am an Environmental Scientist with several years experience of working on a wide range of sustainable environmental research projects including the environmental impact assessment of lake and river systems of both hemispheres. I have participated in European Union-funded projects in the United Kingdom, Norway and Germany. Following I received a PhD from University College London in climate change in mountain lakes, I was working for the ENSIS Ltd, one of the leading consulting firms in the UK. I have also worked for the University of Auckland, New Zealand and Johannes-Guttenberg University and the Senckenberg Natural History Museum, Frankfurt, Germany in ecology and climate change research programs in lakes and reservoirs. I have worked for the Murray Daring Freshwater Research Centre of La Trobe University at Mildura, Australia and the Water Resources Laboratory of Beijing Forestry University, Beijing on wetland ecosystem management and freshwater biodiversity and ecosystem change programs in the Murray Darling Basin southeast Australia and the Heihe River Basin, northwest China. I also have been actively working on global freshwater biodiversity and ecosystem change research programs in collaboration with scientists from Australia, China and Europe. Currently, I am affiliated with the University Ballarat, Australia focusing a research on resilience and adaptation of freshwater ecosystems to rapid climate change in the Murray Darling Basin, Australia and elsewhere.

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