Ghulam Naroo

Rashid HospitalUnited Arab Emirates

Dr GY Naroo B.Sc.(Hon), MBBS,FRCP(Glasg), FRCP(Ire), MRCS A&E(Ed) Consultant Emergency Medicine , Rashid Hospital Trauma Centre , Dubai. Senior Lecturer, Dubai Medical College, Dubai. Senior Instructor, American College of Surgeons, NAEMT & American Heart Association(AHA). Dr. Naroo studies sudden cardiac arrest, a leading cause of death in the developed world. Specifically, projects within his clinical research team include: (1) evaluation of CPR and resuscitation performance, (2) Novel cardiac marker hFABP, for early evaluation of cardiac chest pain in ED. (3)Hypomagnesaemia a contributory factor for ACS –A retro prospective cohort study . Also a lead in many ongoing studies in acute medicine in ED Trauma Centre, Rashid Hospital. Dr. Naroo has authored scholarly works in many textbooks and professional journals including HKJEM and Circulation. He serves on the PAROS executive committee to analyze data in Asian countries so to develop guidelines for OHCA intervention and prevention .. He has won a number of honors for his research, clinical care in the Emergency Department and his teaching of residents and medical students, and has lectured widely on the topics of emergency medicine.

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