Alexander Ivlev

Russian State Agrarian University of K.A. Timiryazev

Dr. Alexander Ivlev received his PhD (1968) in the Chemical Technology Institute of Mendeleyev (Moscow) for studies on isotopes separation and application. He got the doctoral thesis (1986) in the Institute of Chemical Physics of Russian Academy of Sciences for research on biophysical mechanisms in photosynthesizing cell. In 2005 he was awarded the medal of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences “To Author of Scientific Discovery” for establishing link between distribution of carbon isotopes in metabolites and temporal organization of metabolic processes. Since 1971 he worked in the Scientific Research Institute of Oil Prospecting. In 1995 he became a Professor of Russian State Agrarian University. Here he discovered the carbon isotope effect in photorespiration (1993) and the oscillatory nature of photosynthesis (2004) and began the project “ Global Carbon Cycle”. He is an author of 5 scientific monographs and over 230 publications in Russian and foreign journals.

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