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Imran Ahmad Dar is a research scholar, in the process of acquiring his PhD in the Department of Industries and Earth Sciences, Tamil University, India. He received his BSc from the University of Kashmir, India in January 2004, followed by an MSc in Environmental Sciences from the University of Kashmir, India in January 2008. He is an excellent researcher in the field of Earth and Environmental Sciences. His research work has been published in various international journals such as Journal of Hydrology (Elsevier), and Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (Springer). Imran Ahmad Dar is an editorial board member in several international journals, also acting as a scientific reviewer in many others. He is listed in the Committee of IAMSET (International Association of Management Science and Engineering Technology, Hong Kong) and he is working with InTech (Croatia) on a new journal project.

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The studies of Earth's history and of the physical and chemical properties of the substances that make up our planet, are of great significance to our understanding both of its past and its future. The geological and other environmental processes on Earth and the composition of the planet are of vital importance in locating and harnessing its resources. This book is primarily written for research scholars, geologists, civil engineers, mining engineers, and environmentalists. Hopefully the text will be used by students, and it will continue to be of value to them throughout their subsequent professional and research careers. This does not mean to infer that the book was written solely or mainly with the student in mind. Indeed from the point of view of the researcher in Earth and Environmental Science it could be argued that this text contains more detail than he will require in his initial studies or research.

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