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Titular Professor of Clinical & Experimental Cardiology. Department-in-Chief. School of Medicine.Conmemorative Hospital. Boston (MA). Professor of Cardiology, currently on voluntary leave from his position academic. Editorial Board member of several scientific committees. Usual reviewer of several specialized Journals on Cardiology. Has published several clinical works on your research field. Currently, is the Research Director from your Institutions.

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The most intimate mechanisms of cardiac arrhythmias are still quite unknown to scientists. Genetic studies on ionic alterations, the electrocardiographic features of cardiac rhythm and an arsenal of diagnostic tests have done more in the last five years than in all the history of cardiology. Similarly, therapy to prevent or cure such diseases is growing rapidly day by day. In this book the reader will be able to see with brighter light some of these intimate mechanisms of production, as well as cutting-edge therapies to date. Genetic studies, electrophysiological and electrocardiographyc features, ion channel alterations, heart diseases still unknown , and even the relationship between the psychic sphere and the heart have been exposed in this book. It deserves to be read!

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