Saida Salahova

Dr Saida E. Salahova is currently the head of company management processes for an engineering company. She attained her PhD with an emphasis on remote sensing, from the Institute for Space Research and Natural Resources at the Azerbaijan National Aerospace Agency. Dr. Saida S. Salahova’s scientific and research interests have centered around remote sensing methods and data processing, GIS technology application,natural disaster studies, and risk assessments, environmental monitoring, and impact evaluation. She has participated in several international events organized and conducted by the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UN OOSA) in co-operation with appropriate host countries. Dr. Saida S. Salahova is responsible, as the Group Chair, for the activities of the UN OOSA Disaster Management Working Group. The International Astronautical Federation (IAF) considered her contribution to the work of the IAF and named her the IAF 2009 Youth Program Grantee. She has published five books and is the author of a number of scientific papers.

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