Robert Kalbarczyk

Dr. Robert Kalbarczyk is a graduate of High School number 3 in Szczecin with biology and chemistry, and holds a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering with a specialization in Evaluation of Environmental Status and Risks, obtained from the Agricultural University in Szczecin. During his studies he also obtained a teaching certificate at the Faculty of Food Economics at the Agricultural University in Szczecin. In 1997-2001 he participated in Daily Doctoral Interdisciplinary Studies at the Agricultural University in Szczecin. His doctoral dissertation in the field of agricultural sciences was awarded by the Department of Environmental Management and Agriculture. In 2011, he completed postgraduate studies in \"Management of European projects\" at the Faculty of Economics and Services at the University of Szczecin. In May 2012, by decision of the Council of the Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture at the University of Life Sciences in Poznan, he was awarded a post-doctoral degree in agricultural sciences in the field of horticulture. The professional experience of Dr Kalbarczyk includes work as a training specialist for the National Defence League, senior personnel specialist at the Military Housing Agency and eight years as an assistant professor in the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin. He currently works at the Institute of Landscape Architecture, University of Life Sciences in Wrocław. His research interests include, in addition to the research on climate risk in the cultivation of vegetables in arable farming, issues of agro-meteorological conditions for arable farming in the context of climate change, as well as climate and the water cycle, the natural conditions of tourism in the open countryside and the assessment of aerosanitary conditions in urban areas.

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