Ane Nunes

University of California Irvine

Dr. Ane Nunes is a Brazilian Geneticist (1998) with Master (2002) and Ph.D. (2006) in Medical Sciences and Nephrology (all degrees are from UFRGS, Brazil). She had postdoctoral in Renal Physiology by UFRJ, Brazil (2007), postdoctoral position in Clinical Medicine and Nephrology by USP, Brazil (2010) and postdoctoral position in Nephrology and Hypertension by UCI (2014), USA. She became a Professor of Medical Genetics and Molecular Biology in 2002 and she has been an Assistant Researcher III at UCI since 2015. Her research fields are Human Genetics, Cellular and Molecular Biology Applied to Nephrology, Biochemistry and Microbiology with projects mainly in the following subjects: inflammatory markers, molecular diagnosis, DNA polymorphisms, chronic kidney disease (CKD), polycystic kidney disease (PKD), Fabry disease, rare diseases, cellular and murine models for CKD, RNA processing, fluorescent image analysis, nanoparticles development and nanomedicine.

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