Ane C.F. Nunes

University of California, Irvine

Dr. Ane C.F. Nunes is Geneticist, Master and Ph.D. in Medical Sciences and Nephrology by UFRGS/Brazil, with postdoctoral experiences in Renal Physiology by UFRJ/Brazil, Clinical Medicine and Nephrology by USP/Brazil and Nephrology and Hypertension by UCI/USA. She is Professor of Medical Genetics, Human Genetics and Molecular Biology. Her research fields are Human Genetic Diseases, Cellular and Molecular Biology Applied to Nephrology, Biochemistry and Microbiology with projects mainly in the following subjects: inflammatory markers, molecular diagnosis, DNA polymorphisms, chronic kidney disease (CKD), polycystic kidney disease (PKD), Fabry disease, rare diseases, cellular and murine models for CKD, RNA processing, fluorescent image analysis, nanoparticles development and nanomedicine.

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Inflammation is known worldwide, from the bench to the bedside, but it is a hard theme to approach with one single point of view.In this sense, a selection of translational studies would support the medical-scientific community to better understand the complex network of the inflammatory process, its maintenance, and potential treatment targets. The eleven chapters that compose this book present interesting insights into inflammation and its mechanisms, merging classic background with innovative approaches. From the molecular basis to experimental models, the chapters selected for this book bring to readers at different academic levels updated and practical data on inflammation. Find out what drives interdisciplinary medical research on inflammation and enjoy this informative collection.

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