Marcelo Saad

Spiritist Medical Association of Sao Paulo

Marcelo Saad is graduated in Medicine at Federal University of S. Paulo, Brazil. In the same University, he achieved the degrees of MSc and PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences. As medical specialties, he is Board Certified both in Physiatry and Acupuncture. Since 2015 he is professor at post-graduation stricto sensu at Universidade de Santo Amaro. Currently, he is Director Member at the Medical College of Acupuncture of S. Paulo and the Medical Spiritist Association of S. Paulo. Besides his work as physician, he develops activities in scientific publication, editorial board of medical journals, technical lectures and participation in scholar tasks. His interest fields are Acupuncture, Spirituality in Health and Complementary Therapies.

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Acupuncture and related techniques are useful tools for treating a spectrum of diseases. However, there are still many areas of controversy surrounding it. We hope this book can contribute to guide the advance of this ancient medical art. In the present work, the reader will find texts written by authors from different parts of the world. The chapters cover strategic areas to collaborate with the consolidation of the knowledge in acupuncture. The book doesn't intend to solve all the questions regarding this issue but the main objective is to share elements to make acupuncture more and better understood at health systems worldwide.

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