Fabio Taffetani

Marche Polytechnic UniversityItaly

Since the 1 October 2004 is Ordinary University professor at the Faculty of Agrarian of the Polytecnical University of the Marche of Ancona, disciplinary field BIO02- Systematic Botany; already an Associate Professor at the University from 1992 to 2004 for science BIO-03 Environmental and Applied Botany. He is a member of the teacher College of the search Doctorate in \Management and exploitation of the hilly and mountain territory resources\ with center in Ancona. Past President of Regional section Umbro-Marchigiana of the Italian Botanical Society and has been Coordinator of the Vegetation Work group and secretary of the Work group for the applied Botanies. He is Assistant editor of the scientific review \ Fitosociologia \, official organ of the Italian Society of Phytosociology. He is coordinator of the Italian Botanical Society in the within of the Project \Habitat\ of the Environment Ministry. Herbarium is responsible for scientific \Herbarium Anconitanum\ (ANC) of the Polytechnic University of Marche in Ancona. is Coordinator of the Botany Section of the Department of Crop Science and Polytechnic University of Marche in Ancona. Was national coordinator of the MIUR National Research Project 2003 entitled Ecological networks in agriculture and Scientific Unit of Ancona, Ancona Scientific Unit of the National Research Project MIUR 2002 entitled Qualitative assessment methods production and harvesting of seed covering coenosis herbaceous taxa and local ecotypes for the environmental restoration of denuded areas in hilly and mountainous; Scientific Unit of Ancona for the 2001 MIUR National Research Project entitled bands for vegetated sustainability of ecosystems; And member of the of the National Reserve of Gola del Furlo (PU) Scientific Commission. Scientific activity is turned to the basic physociology and to the studies applied to the reading of the plant landscape, to the appraisal of the biodiversity, to the environmental conservation, to the management and to the planning of the territory.

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