Elisa Pieragostini

Independent Researcher

Dr. Pieragostini has a Degree in Biological Sciences, DPhil in Biochemistry received from Bologna University, Italy. She was an Assistant professor of “Genetics” at the Faculty of Science of Bologna University, a Full professor of “Animal genetics and breeding” Bari University, Italy, and Elected President of course on “Agricultural Science and Technology” (2001-2010) Bari University. She retired in 2015. From 1977 to 1984 she carried out intensive work on Drosophila investigating quantitative characters associated with biochemical markers. From the1985 onwards, she had been studying Apulian farm animals focusing on blood-based markers as well as on the structure-function relationship of the different hemoglobin variants come across and their relationship with the Apulian livestock resilience to the enzootic tick-borne diseases. She was Project Director She is a member of national and international scientific associations.

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