Ibrahim Matter

National Research Centre

Dr. Ibrahim A. Matter is an Associate Professor of Environmental Microbiology currently working in the Department of Agricultural Microbiology, National Research Centre, Cairo, Egypt. He was awarded his Ph.D. in Industrial Microbiology from Cairo University, 2014. His fields of research include General Microbiology and Biotechnology, Bioremediation (M.Sc. Thesis entitled: Microbiological Studies on Bioremediation of Pesticides Residues in Soil), Biofuel (Biodiesel, Bioethanol) – (Ph.D. thesis entitled: Microbiological Studies on Biofuel Production), Environmental Microbiology (Participate in many international and local scientific projects in related topic), Microalgae Research (biofuel from microalgae and wastewater treatment), and Nano-biotechnology (biosynthesis and biotechnological applications of nanoparticles).