Gorachand Dutta

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

Dr. Gorachand Dutta, PhD is an Assistant Professor with the School of MedicalScience and Technology, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. His research interests include the design and characterization of portable biosensors, biodevices and sensor interfaces for miniaturized systems and biomedical applications for point-of-care testing. He received his Ph.D in Biosensor and Electrochemistry from Pusan National University, South Korea, where he developed different class of electrochemical sensors and studied the electrochemical properties of gold, platinum, and palladium based metal electrodes. He completed his Post-doctoral fellowships in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Michigan State University, USA and Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at University of Bath, UK. He has expertise on label-free multichannel electrochemical biosensors, electronically addressable biosensor arrays, aptamer- and DNA-based sensors and surface bio-functionalization.