Abhishek Shastri

Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust

Dr. Shastri has gained his PG Diploma in Psychiatry at Cardiff University, UK, his MPhil in Biological Sciences at Brunel University London, UK, and an MRCPsych degree at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK. His working experience includes the Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster Memory Service (2019-2020), South Kensington & Chelsea Community Mental Health Team (’20-‘21), and Brent Memory Services where he is currently employed. He has worked on UK-wide, national projects involving older adults with depression and psychosis, creating an interactive dashboard for NHS Trusts across England and Wales, and on clinical trials with Imperial College London. Prizes secured include the CNWL NHS Trust Research Training Fund, bursaries from Physiological Society, British Pharmacological Society, and Royal College of Psychiatrists. Other significant responsibilities include teaching Year 5 medical students at Imperial College London and Clinical & Educational Supervisor for Core and Higher Trainees in Psychiatry for Health Education London Training scheme.