Jing Lin

My research is concentrating on modeling interdependencies in critical infrastructure networks. The national and economic securities rest upon a foundation of highly interdependent critical infrastructures. Example of these infrastructures include the national electrical grid, oil and natural gas systems, telecommunication and information networks, transportation networks, water systems and banking and financial systems. Given the importance of their reliable and secure operations, understanding the behavior of these infrastructures, particular when stressed or under attack, is crucial. Models and simulations can provide considerable insight into the complex nature of their behaviors and operational characteristics. The models and simulations must include interdependencies among infrastructures if they are to provide accurate representations of infrastructure characteristics and operations, because infrastructures do not exist in isolation of one another. The focus of my research is to find out the modeling and simulation approaches that directly address interdependencies and offer considerable insight into the operational and behavioral characteristics of critical infrastructures. I am also interested in programming,using C++, JAVA and XML to solve the framework construction problems in my research work. I am interested in the cross-layer design in network stack, platform security technologies, crypographic systems, communication security and reliability.

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