Maria Paloma Geijo Martinez

Postgraduate qualification of Internal Medicine Specialist, Universitary Clinical Hospital, Madrid, Spain, 1982 - 1986. Summa cum laude, Phisician Doctor, Complutense University, Madrid, Spain, 1992 - 1998. Degree finalist award, Medicine and surgery, Complutense University, Madrid, Spain, 1975 - 1981. Functionary, Phisician Titulars Corps (Medical), Health National School, Spain, 1985. Phisician in Infectious Diseases rotation, (Medical), Ramon y Cajal Hospital, Madrid, Spain, 1989. Board certified, Medical Epidemiology (Medical), Medical College. Madrid. Spain, 1982. Board certified, Logistic Regression on clínical and epidemiology (Medical), Health Regional School, Toledo, Spain, 1996; Specialist Phisician in Infectious Diseases, Ramon y Cajal Hospital, Madrid, Spain, 1988-1989. Internal Medicine-Infectious Diseases Specialist chief Phisician Doctor, 1995-2010, Specialist Phisician 1986-1995, in Internal Medicine Virgen de la Luz Hospital, Cuenca, Spain. Internal Medicine Resident, Universitary Clinical Hospital., Madrid, Spain, 1982-1986, General Patology Associated teacher of Phisician students, Complutense University, Madrid, Spain, 1982-1986, Infectious Disease Rounds, Northwestern University Hospital, Chicago, IL, United States, 2000, Infectious Disease Rounds (Hospital and Consulting), The Johns Hopkins Hospital and University School of Medicine, Baltimore, IL, United States, 2008, President, Committe of infections and antibiotic, Virgen Luz Hospital, Cuenca, Spain, 2008-2010.Vicepresident, Committe of infections and antibiotic, Virgen Luz Hospital, Cuenca, Spain, 2003-2008. Associated teacher in Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, Universitary Nurse School, Cuenca, Spain, 1986-1990. Teacher of Internal Medicine Residents and Family Medicine Residents, Virgen de la Luz Hospital, Cuenca, Spain, 1987-2010. Vicepresident, Tuberculosis technical central Unit, Public Health Castilla-La Mancha Direction, Toledo, Spain, 2006-2010. AIDS Coordinator Provincial, AIDS National Plan (PNS), Madrid, Spain, 1995-2010. Doctoral theses and Sufficiencie Projects Direction, Autonoma University, Madrid, Spain, 2002-2010. Writings and creative works: Author, Co-Author, 21 Book articles in Infectious Diseases,. Professional journal article, 84 different articles in Infectious Diseases and Internal Medicine (35 in International journals and 49 in National journals), 1985-2010. Medical exhibitions, 42 different Reports to National congress in Infectious Diseases; 93 different Conferences and Round Tables in Infectious Diseases; 196 different Abstracts to congress in Infectious Diseases and Internal Medicine: (94 in National Congress) and (102 in International Congress); 2008 “Alfonso Merchante” Medical Collegial. Cuenca, to better experimental medical work publixer “tuberculosis chemoprophylaxis regimens”, 2002 “Alfonso Merchante” Medical Collegial. Cuenca, to better experimental medical work publixer “Levofloxacin…Pneumonia”. 1985-2009; Author, Articles Revisory, professional journal “Revista Clinica Española”. 2002-2010; Contributor, Contained Endowment., Insert (News and articles) to Web page. , Page Web of Infectious Diseases: GECMEI: 2005-2010; Contributor, member , Hospital Committe, SRAS (Severe Acute Respiratory Síndrome) protocol, Virgen Luz Hospital,, 2006-2010. Contributor, member, Hospital Committe, Aviar influenza (flu) Contingence plan, Virgen Luz Hospital, 2006-2010. Director and teaching, Conference, “Actualization of Infectious Diseases course”, to primary health staff. Cuenca. Spain, 1989. Director and teaching, Conferences, 5 courses of “Rational antibiotics use. Hospital protocoles", Virgen de la Luz Hospital, 1999-2010; "HIV Infection and AIDS theoretics – practical workshop”, to nurse personal, Virgen de la Luz hospital, 1994. Contributor, member, Round Table,, “AIDS day world”, to teen-ager of Universitary School, Provincial Health Delegation. Spain, 1994-2010. Director, organization scientific direction,, Medical Congress, 10 Congress “Study Group of Infectious Diseases in Castilla–La Mancha (Gecmei). Spain, 1987-2010; Achievements. Research, Tuberculosis, HIV, Hepatitis C virus, neumonia; Research, HIV and AIDS-OI (2): International societes: (Therapy knowledge HIV-London,UK; COHERE Steering Comité “European Cohorts HIV”; TMC114c and TMC125 expanded access programs, and Early access MK-0518).; Award(s) Grants, 1990-2010, FISS, Separ UITB Tuberculosis, Seimc:, FIPSE , Gesida. Scholarships, National holder for Degree six years, Faculty of Medicine. Complutense, University of Madrid, 1975 to 1981. [Professional and club Membership] Associate Master, and Directive board, SEMI “Internal Medicine Spanish society” , Professional Association, Madrid. Spain, 1986-2010; Associate Member, SEIMC “Spanish Societe of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology”. , Professional Association, Madrid. Spain, , 1988-2009; Licentiate Fellow, SEISIDA, “AIDS interdisciplinary Spanish Societe”, , Professional Association, Madrid. Spain, , 1991-2000; Associate Master: Foundation Member GECMEI, Castilla-La Mancha Infectious work group, Professional Association, Toledo, Spain, 1987-2010. Foundation Member VACH Medical Association, HIV Multicentrices studies,, Professional Association, Huelva. Spain,, 2000-2010. GEAM, Metabolic disorders in HIV, Professional Association, Madrid. Spain, 1999-2010. GESIDA “ AIDS Spanish work group”, Professional Association, Madrid, Spain, 1993-2010. GTEI, Infectious work group of Semi., Professional Association, Madrid. Spain , 2005-2010.

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