Ria Sanyal

University of MinnesotaUnited States of America

I am a Scientist with strong background in the study of small molecule mimics of metalloenzymes having redox and hydrolytic activity. Currently, my research goal(s) comprises (i) the study and design of “druggable” metalloenzymes crucial to cardiovascular and infectious disease pathways, (ii) enzyme-based method development of gaseous (O2/NO) affinity measurements of specific gas-utilizing enzymes, finally leading to (iii) the development of therapeutic strategies by validation of small molecules and biologics. Being involved in cross-functional project teams, I have played a key role in the establishment of mechanism for the catalytic pathways of functional mimics of Phosphatase family and Catechol oxidase enzymes. To complement my research qualifications, I have thrived to be a proficient mentor and I serve as peer-reviewer for several high-profile journals. In my personal life, I am a travel-and-photography enthusiast, mental health advocate and a food blogger. I take pride in teaching, learning, and knowledge sharing. The reason? I like to learn something from everyone I meet.

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