Hossein Movla

University of Tabriz Iran

I became familiar with mathematics and the physical sciences at school. My interest in physics, mathematics and chemistry increased in high school by reading the scientific magazines and articles about the materials science, aerospace and automobiles. By reading these articles I knew that physics is the base of engineering. Therefore, I chose physics for academic education. Attending one reputed university has been my dream since I have started my education; therefore, to make my research way clear, I passed National Competitive Entrance Exam to the Universities. At the University of Tabriz, I focused on the research, because I believe that academic studies raise good researchers. To satisfy myself, I have decided to take part in Student Scientific Union of Faculty of Physics to research at the first year of study at the university and also to learn the group work. Along with these activities, I have participated in most of the related seminars and workshops to become acquainted with novel professors and researchers. In my second year of studies, by assistance of Dr. Sirous Khorram in the Research Institute for Applied Physics and Astronomy (RIAPA) and my honored colleague, Mr. Jafar Fathi, I entered the experimental researches in the field of low temperature plasma. During contribution with this team, I have attained a lot of experience both in theoretical and experimental aspects. With this team, I worked on the “ozone generators systems and applications” and “Atmospheric plasma spray, design and applications”, which led to two research projects at the University of Tabriz and one national invited talk honored by Dr. Ranjbar Asgari, research and technology vice-chancellery of Valie Asr University of Rafsanjan, and one distinguished patent. From the first year of study up until now, I focused my researches on the field of solar cells with my honored colleague, Miss. Foozieh Sohrabi. I managed a research group in the field of solar cell. With persistence and hard work, some papers have been submitted and been published in these areas. With this group I published 3 ISI paper, 2 submitted paper and 9 national and international conferences (Please see attached CV). One of our papers has achieved the 9th rank in TOP25 Hottest Articles (October to December 2010) in the journal of “Physica E: Low-Dimensional Systems and Nanostructures” and also it was awarded from Iranian Nanotechnology Initiative Council for research in the area of Nanotechnology ($ 1,500). Currently, I am working with a team on a chapter of Encyclopedia of Energy which will be published by John Wiley & Sons with the title of “Group-III Nitride based Quantum Well and Quantum Dot Solar Cells” and also a chapter of “Solar Cell” book, which will be published by InTech publication, with the title of “Hybrid Solar Cells Based on Silicon”. Also, I have cooperation with my high school friend, Mr. Ahmad Hosseinpour, at the University of Urmia, in the industrial projects at the field of mining engineering such as “Design and manufacturing a system to Synthetic marble production” and “Intercrystalline Granite and Syenite coloring methods” which led to one international conference and one distinguished patent. In addition, research in the “Intercrystalline Granite and Syenite coloring methods” project leads to a “colored granite production factory” in Urmia and in Tabriz with tha name of “Azar Zarrin Granite”. Also, in the study years at University of Tabriz, I took part in several research groups. Cooperation with a research group by assistance of Dr. Asghar Asgari and honored colleague Miss. Khadije Khalili, from the RIAPA, in the field of solar cells, resulted in 3 national and international conference papers and one ISI paper. Additionally, cooperation with a research group by assistance of Prof. Dr. Samad Sobhanian and Mr. Jafar Fathi, led to 1 national published conference paper and one ISI paper. I have been also the referee of 2nd Iranian Conference on Optics & Laser Engineering, (ICOLE 2011), which held in Malek Ashtar University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran. Furthermore, I have been denominated as nobble young researcher at the University of Tabriz in 2011 by Mr. Mir Tajaddini, president parliament vice-chancellery, due to my researches, published papers, patents and industrial works. Working with research teams, taught me about how physicists, chemists , theoretician , engineers and others with various backgrounds can work together on a unified project and how everyone in a working place must work together in order to have a job done. In addition to academic activities, I tried some extra-curricular activities such as sport. Being fascinated in putting my gloomy academic ideas into action, I have done wrestling which led to gain the honor of being distinguished wrestle athlete at the University of Tabriz (First Degree) in 2009.

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