Leonid I. Goray

Saint Petersburg Academic UniversityRussia

The birthday is November 3, 1963, Gorki, former USSR. The M.S. in Optoelectronics is in “Electrotechnical University” of St. Petersburg, 1981-1987. The Post-Graduated School is in “S.I. Vavilov GOI”, thesis is “The rigorous integral method applied to calculations of diffraction efficiency of x-ray-EUV gratings”, 1988-1991. Director and President (since 1993) is in Holograte, Inc., 1991-1998. Director is in Integrate, Inc., 1993-1997. President is in I.I.G., Inc., 1998 - present. Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics, thesis “Numerical analysis of diffraction properties of reflection gratings in X-rays,” is in the Institute for Analytical Instrumentation (IAI, RAS), 2004. Dr. in Science, thesis “Analysis of intensity of X-ray scattering on multilayer diffraction elements by an integral equation method,” is in IAI, 2011. 2008-present: Principal Researcher & Professor, Alferov University, Russia. 2004- present: Principal Researcher, Institute for Analytical Instrumentation, RAS, Russia 1996- present: Director and President., I. I.G., Inc., US-based small private company

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