Hector Sato

National University of Jujuy

Héctor Arnaldo Sato is an agricultural engineer and holds a PhD from the Natural Resources Area of the Universidad Nacional del Nordeste, in the research topic: Reproductive anatomy of Lophophytum Schott & Endl species. (Balanophoraceae) from Argentina and the taxonomic revision of the genus in America. His postdoctoral fellowship was based on the reproductive biology of two holoparasitic plants from the Northwest of Argentina: Lophophytum mirabile subsp. bolivianum and Ombrophytum subterraneum (Balanophoraceae). He is currently an assistant professor of general botany and researcher at the JUA Herbarium of the Faculty of Agriculture of the National University of Jujuy, Argentina. He is the author of eight papers published in peer-reviewed journals and 26 presentations in congresses. All his research work focuses mainly on the reproductive anatomy, taxonomy and reproduction of parasitic plants. He is also the director of a research project on the reproduction of holoparasitic plants and participates as a collaborator in four other projects related to plant morphology and diversity.