Hongsheng Huang

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Dr Hongsheng Huang obtained his bachelor's degree (Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine) from College of Veterinary Medicine, Inner Mongolia Agriculture University, P.R. China, and his master’s degree (Master of Philosophy in veterinary microbiology and immunology) from University of Edinburgh, Scotland. He obtained his PhD in veterinary immunology, microbiology and pathology from University of Saskatchewan, Canada. He is a contributing Member of American Society of Microbiology and Member of International Association of Food Protection. Dr Hongsheng Huang is currently working as a research scientist at Ottawa Laboratory – Fallowfield, Canadian Food Inspection Agency. His research is mainly focused on the development of methods: 1) to isolate, detect, characterize foodborne bacterial pathogens using various approaches, including conventional bacterial culture methods, immunological and molecular methods, nanoparticle biosensors and genomics tools; 2) to detect and characterize antibiotic resistant genes in food and environment, 3) to detect and inactivate abnormal prion protein in animals.