Maria Olívia Barboza Zanetti

Graduated in Pharmacy and Biochemistry at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Ribeirao Preto (FCFRP-USP) (2013), Master (2016) and PhD (2020) in Sciences from the Graduate Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences of the same institution. In her master\'s degree, worked in the areas of Pharmaceutical Assistance, Primary Health Care and Family Health. In her doctorate, she implemented a pharmaceutical care service at the Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Unit of the General Hospital - Ribeirão Preto Medical School and served as a volunteer pharmacist preceptor of the internship course in Clinical Pharmacy. Currently, she teaches undergraduate courses in pharmacy, nursing, psychology and nutrition at Barão de Mauá University Centre (pharmaceutical care, pharmacology and psychopharmacology) and postgraduate courses. She is also a collaborator researcher at the Research Center for Pharmaceutical Assistance and Clinical Pharmacy at FCFRP-USP.

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