Rebecca Parry

Nottingham Trent UniversityUnited Kingdom

Rebecca is the Co-Director of the Centre for Business and Insolvency Law and has been an active member of the Centre for many years. Career overview Rebecca became an academic after studying for a Ph.D. at the University of Manchester (1995-1997). Her thesis was on avoidable transactions in insolvency law and it was supervised by Professor David Milman. Before joining NTU she was a lecturer and then senior lecturer at the University of Leicester (1997-2007). Research areas Rebecca's main research interests lie in the area of insolvency law and, in particular, international and comparative insolvency law with a focus on the UK, the USA, the EU, India, and China. She is interested in the intersection of technology and commercial law, including the legislative framework needed to support digital economies. She has interests in related areas of company law, notably directors' duties and director disqualification, as well as in insolvent partnerships and individuals.

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