Vardan Mkrttchian

HHH University

Vardan Mkrttchian graduated from State Engineering University of Armenia, the Faculty of Cybernetics as an Electronics Engineer & received his Doctorate of Sciences (Engineering) in Control Systems from Lomonosov Moscow State University (former USSR). Dr. Vardan Mkrttchian taught for undergraduate and graduate student’s courses of control system, information sciences and technology, at the Astrakhan State University (Russian Federation), where he was is the Professor of the Information Systems ( ) six years. Now he is full professor CAD&Economy departments of Penza State University ( ). He is currently chief executive of HHH University, Australia and team leader of the international academics ( ). He also serves as executive director of the HHH Technology Incorporation. Professor Vardan Mkrttchian has authored over 400 refereed publications. He is the author of over twenty books published of IGI Global, included ten books indexed of SCOPUS in IT, Control System, Digital Economy, and Education Technology, and 43 works in SCOPUS and 47 in WoS. He also is Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Applied Research in Bioinformatics (IJARB). For additional information please see

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