Carmen Carpio De Los Pinos

1. ACADEMIC FORMATION  HIGHER PHD Universidad Complutense de Madrid . Grade \"cum laude\" with an intervention programme of Reading comprehention in Mental Disabled .  Level B2 in english , A1 in french (Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Madrid). Two acadecic courses of italian and german. Conservatorio de Música de Toledo)  SINGING PROFESSIONAL DEGREE (6 years) . Music Conservatory of Toledo. 2. ACADEMIC EXPERIENCE Higher PHD in Developmental Psychology and Education at the University of Castilla - La Mancha. I started as an Associate Professor teaching \"Personality Psychology\", \"Basic Psychological Processes\" and \"Methods of assessment and diagnosis in Psychology\". I later gained a full time teaching position in \"Developmental Psychology\" and \"Psychology of Education\". I have been reporting on the UCLM teacher training courses and I\'ve tutored in the practical and directed end of the degree work. I have worked on a course for postgraduate assessment and intervention in early care with the Faculty of Education and the school of Nursing and Physiotherapy of the UCLM. There have now been four editions of this course. Development cooperation collaborations with Morocco have been undertaken. I manage specialist projects such as a project on the development of artistic and cultural competition in the degree of teaching. During two courses I have received funding for the unit of quality in educational innovation at the UCLM. Professors from various departments and areas of knowledge and around 300 students per course have participated. 3. RESEARCH EXPERIENCE In college my research is based on the creation of emerging groups, of multidisciplinary research and the design and implementation of research projects. I have been a principal investigator on several projects, such as improving the quality of early care in the health area of Toledo, improving coexistence in an Institute of Secondary Education, and another on skills development through the cultural milieu in PCPI (initial professional qualification program) students. Study on the emotional effects of music in children and adolescents with autism and pupils in chilhood and primary education. My research is always directed for improving professional effectiveness and its exercise in educational and clinical fields. Complete research projects have taken place in different companies where I\'ve worked and during my time at the University research in applied psychology.

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