Nikolay Boyadjiev

Medical University Plovdiv Bulgaria

Prof. Nikolay Boyadjiev has a Ph.D. degree in Human Physiology and a Master’s Degree in Health Management (MHM). He is a full professor in Human Physiology and the Head of the Department of Physiology at the Faculty of Medicine, Medical University Plovdiv. He served two terms as a Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University Plovdiv. As a medical practitioner, Prof. Boyadjiev serves as a Consultant in Exercise Physiology and Sports Medicine. He gives lectures in human physiology, sports physiology, and sports medicine at universities worldwide. His research interests in the field of human physiology include: the metabolic changes during physical activity, extreme environmental conditions, some diseases (metabolic syndrome, septic conditions, renal and liver failure) etc.; studies on the functional adaptations of athletes from different kinds of sports; methods for optimization of the recovery process of athletes; doping and side effects of anabolic androgenic steroids and selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs). Prof. Boyadjiev is an author of more than 150 scientific studies in the field of exercise physiology and sports medicine and is also an author and editor of 20 textbooks and manuals which have been cited more than 500 times. He is the author of the book Muscle Work and Adaptation to Physical Exercise and a member of the Editorial boards of several International journals.

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