Zhongfu Zhou

Shanghai University China

Dr.Zhou Zhongfu is now a Principal Investigator and Research Professor at the Department of Physics, Aberystwyth University and a Distinguished Professor of School of Materials Science & Engineering, Shanghai University, China since 2011, whose research spans in the design, simulation, fabrication and characterization of graphene derivatives, polymer reinforced composites, nanoparticle functionalized polymers etc. As an undergraduate, Dr. Zhou studied Physical Chemistry of Metallurgy (Rare-Earth Engineering) in the University of Science & Technology Beijing, China, where he also obtained his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry of Metallurgy, 1998. After graduating, he worked as a lecturer at the university he graduated from, and technology director and production manager in a company in China for short periods. In 2005, he obtained his D.Phil. in Materials Science from the University of Oxford, after which he moved to the School of Chemistry, Cardiff University to work mainly on the structure solution from powder XRD data. He then moved to Aberystwyth University in 2010 to work for the Department of Physics and the Centre for Advanced Functional Materials and Devices. He also focuses on bridging materials research and manufacturing in recent years, and is the founder, director and chief scientist of a few companies. Recently, he was appointed as the Deputy Director of EU-China Urban Research & Innovation Laboratory, and the Director of Inner Mongolia Industrial Research Institute for Composite Materials. He is also the Secretary General of New Material Industry Promotion Committee, China Europe Association for Technological and Economic Cooperation.

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