Eloisa Helena De Aguiar Andrade

Federal University of Para

Holds a degree in Pharmacy from the Federal University of Pará (1980), qualification in Biochemistry by the Federal University of Pará (1982), Master in Chemistry of Natural Products by the Federal University of Pará (1992), and Ph.D. in Chemistry (2008) from the Federal University of Pará. It is currently associated researcher II for the coordination of botany of the Paraense Museum Emilio Goeldi and Adjunta III teacher at the Faculty of Chemistry of the Federal University of Pará. Teacher of the Postgraduate Programs in Chemistry, UFPA, PPG- in C. Biological - Botanical Tropical, UFRA / MPEG and post-graduation in biotechnology biodiversity - bionorte network. Coordinator of the Polo of the State of Pará, the Postgraduate Program in Biodiversity and Biotechnology (PPGBionorte-PA) of the Bionorte Network (2016-2020). Author of more than 500 scientific contributions between articles, communications in events, book chapters, and books. She has experience in the area of ​​chemistry, with an emphasis on the chemistry of natural products, acting mainly in the following themes: gas chromatography, gas chromatography/mass spectrometry in volatile and fixed chemical constituents (derivatized), among others.

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